riak-js reborn

tl;dr Riak-js documentation is now available at riakjs.com.  To contribute changes to the site, fork the riakjs.com repo on github.

For those of you who use Node.js and Riak, I’m sure you’ve stumbled across the riak-js module originally developed by Francisco Treacy (frank06).

It’s a great module and supports most of riak’s key features, however, if you’ve looked at the project lately, you may have noticed that not much has been happening to further development: the last real update to the master branch was over six months ago.  Francisco, has moved on to other projects and has graciously transferred ownership of the repo to the folks at Mostly Serious.

You may have also noticed that the main documentation site riakjs.org has been down for at least the past two months.  Since I’m pretty new to using riak (and riak-js), good, easily accessible documentation is a must and waiting for the site to come back online is a show stopper.  At this point, it’s unclear what is happening with the site, but the whois records show it’s still registered to Francisco until July 13, 2013.  Taking matters into my own hands, I decided to register riakjs.com and host the docs up there using a single dyno node app on Heroku.

I have also refactored the documentation’s source code to make future api updates a little easier.  I based the code refactor on Expressjs.com’s recent documentation update and have made the updated source available on my github account: github.com/vincentmac/riakjs.com.  I’m considering pointing the url to go directly to github rather than heroku, but am in no hurry on that.  I would also like to update the layout and style a little bit, adding a scrollspy menu in the same vein to what TJ did on the express docs.  This should make finding specific api documentation a little easier.

There is also good news on the development front.  Basho has forked the riak-js repo and appears to be moving things forward.  Roidrage (Mathias Meyer author of Riak Handbook) has already been making commits on the js branch (which I am currently using on one of my projects).